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Korg DS-10 Archives 2008 - 2010

Receptors 24 tracks (105:07)

RECEPTORS “Korg DS-10 Archives 2008 - 2010”
In addition to the 50 plus Nintendo DS/ Korg DS-10 tracks that RECEPTORS released during 2008 thru 2010 (3 albums & 2 EPs), there were also another 100 or so DS-10 tracks I recorded during that period that remained unreleased, until now. Here for the first time, and for free download are the best 20 of those previously unheard tracks, plus 4 alternate variation takes.

For your convenience, here’s a link to the full album zip file:

Receptors : Music_For_PROject_proJECT

Click HERE for the FREE DOWNLOAD of RECEPTORS ambient/improvisational
chipmusic backdrops for the PROject proJECT event in Roanoke, Virginia on July 22nd, 2011.
All performances are created and programmed on the Nintendo Game Boy
(using Nanoloop 1.5)and the Nintendo DSi (running Korg DS-10 and M01.)


ReceptorsMusic and WebLabel Ops continues to blur the musical decades, but now we'll smear shattered bits across the centuries as the 8Bit Ops tentacle ensnares another German maestro gameboy operator in the person of Sascha Müller aka PHARMACOM! His "SWITCHED ON GAMEBOY 1" release from 2005 delighted us lifelong fans of electronically created classical music by recreating JS Bach's 'greatest hits' a la Wendy Carlos on GAMEBOY synth!
I remember the day my older brother Ron brought home Walter Carlos' soundtrack to "A Clockwork Orange", launching a child's keen, albeit naive interest in classical and electronic music. With that album and of course the earlier and timeless "Switched On Bach", the pinnacle of the style seemed to have already been reached , with a few more interesting classical portrayals by the likes of Tomita perhaps.
Now, over 30 years later PHARMACOM rekindles our childish affection for classical music and it's cast of dramatic characters with his "SWITCHED ON GAMEBOY 2- KLASSIKS!", a veritable 'their greatest hits' of Beethoven, Hayd, Lizt, Chopin, Schubert and more, performed entirely on the GameBoy Classic synthesiser!
ReceptorsMusic is proud for this to be our 3rd weblabel release.
Thank the internet gods for providing such a work of beauty for FREE! and then thank the illustrious Pharmacom and his fellow geniuses from across the ages.
As a bonus, SWITCHED ON GAMEBOY 1 (selected works of JS Bach) is also available below:

Jeremy Kolosine


PHARMACOM - switched on gameboy 2 : klassiks!
Pharmacom_- _Liszt-Reminiscences_de_Don_Juan.mp3

Pharmacom -switched on gameboy 2.ZIP


PHARMACOM - switched on gameboy 1 : J.S. Bach
Pharmacom_-_Invention_No_ 4.mp3
Pharmacom_-_Invention_No _13.mp3
Pharmacom_-_Toccata_an d_Fugue.mp3

Pharmacom - Switched on Gameboy 1.ZIP

Introducing the new WebLabel branch of ReceptorsMusic!

Our first 2 releases feature two far-flung friends and 8-Bit Operators alumni;
Buenos Aires' lo-bit dance floor star, Neotericz, on the gameboy color w pocket music,
and Istanbul's darling/daring chiptune minimalist TB on the nanoloop 2 for gameboy and more!


TB - war / times
TB - Introduction.mp3
TB - War-DizzyVersion.mp3
TB - Anarchy_Approved.mp3
TB - Emotional_Intersections.mp3
TB - Getting_Dirty.mp3
TB - Heart.mp3
TB - Nevermind.mp3
TB - Spatial_Resolution.mp3
TB - Unconscious_Love.mp3
TB - XZDS.mp3
TB - Times.mp3


neotericz - the pocket album
neotericz - wasted_industry.mp3
neotericz - dance_horror.mp3
neotericz - house_babe.mp3
neotericz - spread_joy.mp3
neotericz - 1_2_3_woah.mp3
neotericz - dancin_creep.mp3
neotericz - technesia.mp3

RECEPTORS - USER EP - gameboy nds

R3C3PTRS - FR3350M3 EP - gameboy ds-10


RECEPTORS - groKwork for gameBoy LP - gameboy korg ds-10


Additional current mp3s HERE

Receptors - Gameboy Demos 2004-2007

Receptors - ...more Gameboy Music 2008

Mommy Was An Asteroid - Gameboy Demos 2004-2007

(8-bit electro-pop)

RECEPTORS - SpeedDialer - gameboy ds / korg ds10 cart
RECEPTORS - SpeedDialer - REMIX - gameboy ds / korg ds10 cart
RECEPTORS - PALINDRONES2 REMIX- gameboy ds / korg ds10 cart
RECEPTORS - PALINDRONE- gameboy ds / korg ds10 cart
RECEPTORS - HOW - gameboy ds / korg ds10 cart
RECEPTORS - Drill Baby Drill- gameboy ds / korg ds10 cart
RECEPTORS - Have Gameboy Will Travel- gameboy lsdj
RECEPTORS - Aerospaceage Inferno - gameboy HAWKWIND cover.
RECEPTORS - A Boy n His Rom 12-bit/casio vl tone/analog mix.
RECEPTORS - Dance Of The Drones- gameboy ds running korg ds-10
RECEPTORS - User Quit- gameboy instrumental
RECEPTORS - So Long Thanks For All The Chips- gameboy instrumental

More chiptune hardware MP3 archives/outtakes:

RECEPTORS - Ginger St John Is Coming Home -(2006) lsdj / gameboy sp.
RECEPTORS - Bent My Heart in NYC-(2005) gameboy w lsdj.
RECEPTORS - SkullSaw - (2005) gameboy lsdj
RECEPTORS - loBit 12tone 1-variation(06-04-04 NYC-Live) - (2004)live gameboy nanoloop 1
NEOTERICZ - Disconnected-(Dance In Dust Mix)-(2005) NEOTERICZ GB Mix.
RECEPTORS outtakes at 8-Bit Collective
MWA - 4-bit Blissed- (2006)gameboy lsdj
MWA - Hi-Fry - (2006) gameboy micro.
MWA - My Bent Fiend(Revenge of the Furbinators)-(2005) circuit-bent furby , gameboy nanoloops 1 & 2
MWA outtakes at 8-Bit Collective HERE and some HERE and AUTOCIDE on 8BC HERE


Various WebLabel archives:


Lo-bit futurist | electro-funk | space-punk

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