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Marty Thau’s Red Star label is about to be launched in Europe. Marty Thau was a catalyst for some of the most influential rock acts of New York in the 1970s, discovering and working with legendary bands including The Ramones, Blondie, Suicide and the New York Dolls, who he went on to manage.

Mart Thau died in February, leaving his label in the midst of a number of planned releases from artists that he had personally selected.

Richard Citroen, executive producer for Red Star commented: “at the time of Marty’s death we had been working on a number of Red Star releases – including the physical release of Variations – a collection of artists on the Red Star Label, that includes Lola Dutronic, The Carbon Manual and Martin Rev (from Suicide) amongst others.”  Citroen adds “this is a continuation of Marty’s plans and his critical legacy. “

“We’ve partnered with London-based Palm Zone Music to launch a new label – Red Star Europe and we’ve been working very closely on the European release plans.”

Paul Carlin, who heads Red Star Europe said “it’s a great privilege to help further what Red Star has already done and to continue to release, promote and build on the Red Star legacy. Red Star Europe is something Marty, Richard and ourselves had been planning since mid 2013 and we’re both proud and honoured to be able to deliver on that.”

In an interview with Jeremy Gluck in 2009, Marty said:

“I’ve always believed there is a fine line between abstract and pure accessibility and that is what I’ve always looked for … an artist who can be abstract and conventional at the same time and, most importantly, reach people. That’s the magic we all seek. It’s called originality … and, of course, it’s still about songs. That’s the starting point.’

Palm Zone Music, a London-based independent music company, spanning production, publishing, physical and digital distribution, launches 9 April.

Led by Paul Carlin, it has a number of collaborators from independent music’s halcyon days, including Yvette Döll, creator of ‘Heavy Duty Breaks’ and a career spanning American Phonograph, S/Phonograph, Intrigue, Saderal and the seminal Illuminated Records, amongst other labels.

Speaking of the accompanying combined launch event at Proud Camden, Carlin notes – “we’ll be inviting music colleagues from across the industry. We’ll have some artists performing live and we plan to announce some new releases there. This is by invitation only but we have held back a limited number of places – industry people interested in attending can contact us for more info.”

Palm Zone Music Ltd is an independent music creation, production and distribution house specialising in identifying and incubating new artists and new music. It was formed in 2014 and is based in London. Palm Zone Records is the record label arm of the company, whilst Palm Zone Music also manages production and publishing.

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